September 30, 2010

Mini Review - Princess in Training (The Princess Diaries, Vol. VI) by Meg Cabot (audiobook)

Mia is back from her summer in Genovia, where she caused quite a stir with her environmental actions. Now that she's back home, she's starting sophomore year and must face a new challenge - Geometry. School is different without her boyfriend Michael, who is in college across town. Also, Mia's best friend Lily nominated her for student council president (against her will), and now Lily and Grandmere are working together on Mia's campaign strategy. These problems all seem minor, though, when Lana tells Mia that college boys expect their girlfriends to (gasp) DO IT! How much more can a princess take? 

Princess in Training was my favorite so far in the series. I think Mia is growing up a little and starting to stand up for herself more. Of course there's a lot of time spent on Mia obsessing about her problems, but for some reason it was less annoying in this book than in the others. I look forward to the next installment! 

Rating: 4/5


toryaslim822 said...

I loved the Princess Diaries. That is my first real series of books that I remember reading!

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