October 17, 2010

Happy Teen Read Week!

October 17-23 is the Young Adult Library Service Association's Teen Read Week. This year's theme is "Books with Beat." Are any school or public librarians out there doing anything to celebrate? As I mentioned before, I did a small book display, but we don't have a program planned. It will be a busy week for me, though. I'm teaching an Excel class for homeschool teens tomorrow, co-teaching a creative writing workshop for homeschool teens on Wednesday, and helping out with the first NaNoWriMo event on Thursday (we're having a local author visit & speak about outlining and preparing to write a novel). It's going to be a fun week! Too bad I also have a 10-page paper due in one class in addition to the regular workload of my other two classes...homework is always cramping my style. :) At least it's a fun topic: evaluating children's and YA magazines.

Happy Teen Read Week to all my followers who are teens, adults who work with teens, or adults who love to read YA!


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