November 7, 2010

NaNoWriMo - Author Visit #3

Last Thursday my library had its third NaNoWriMo event. We had a visit from a great local author, Christine Johnson, who writes YA paranormal romance. (Claire de Lune is her debut novel, and the follow-up, Nocturne, is coming next year.)

Christine spoke on the topic of creating great characters. She discussed the techniques she uses to create characters and also involved the audience in an exercise.

After her talk, she took questions from the audience and offered some insight into writing for young adults. It turns out there are a handful of aspiring authors of YA fiction in our NaNoWriMo group!

After Christine's talk, we had some time left over for a "write-in." Several people stayed and worked on their NaNoWriMo novels - we provided laptops for those who needed them. Also, we were able to update our word count chart - four people had already reached 10,000 words by day 4!

I'm looking forward to the rest of our NaNoWriMo events. Next up is a visit from Saundra Mitchell!


Flippin' Fabulous said...

Wow, that is totally fab that your library has events such as this! I wish more libraries could offer events to promote writing and reading.

Super said...

When we were planning the events, we weren't sure how many people would come...I mean, we knew they'd at least come to hear the authors, but would they actually participate in NaNoWriMo? It's been a great turnout though. About 50 people are participating and writing a novel this month!

Katie said...

Woooooow! Your library sounds wonderful! Are you writing a novel this month, too??

Jennie said...

Christine is seriously an awesome person!

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