December 22, 2010

Review - Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

When Ella of Frell was born, a fairy named Lucinda gave her the gift of obedience. Unfortunately, now that Ella is older, she feels that this gift is more of a curse. She has to obey every command given to her - no matter what it is or who gives the order. Ella tries to think of creative ways to rebel, and her sense of humor sustains her through difficult times.

After Ella's mother passes away, she finds herself with a new stepmother and stepsisters who love to boss her around. When Ella is forced to attend finishing school with her stepsisters, she decides that it is time to track down Lucinda and convince her to take back the curse. Ella embarks on a journey through the forest, encountering elves, ogres, and giants along the way.

This is a wonderful retelling of the Cinderella tale. Ella is a strong, ambitious heroine who doesn't need to be rescued by anyone. While she is beautiful, the prince admires her mostly for her sense of humor and kind spirit. Ella's friendship with the prince develops over the course of the novel, but she fears that her curse will endanger him if his enemies learn of it. Ella Enchanted is sweet, funny, and heartwarming.

You may have heard of the movie starring Anne Hathaway that is loosely based on this book. Personally, I liked the book a lot more than the movie. If you've read the book and seen the movie, let me know what you thought!


Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I absolutely adore this book, and I have since I read it in grade school. One of my all time favorites! :)

danya said...

I definitely agree with you about the book surpassing the movie - I love this book to pieces (kind of copy has started to get quite worn :D). Frankly, the movie just seems to be a completely separate story that happens to have characters of the same name as the book. What is up with the introduction of the evil uncle in the movie? *shakes head* But the book is amazing, it's my favorite Cinderella retelling and just one of my favorite books period!

barmybex said...

I seem to be the odd one out, but it may be because i saw the movie first (It's became one of my favourites so have seen it many times). I decided to track down the novel it was based on, but i really didn't enjoy it. I even got a bit bored with it.
Maybe it would have been different if I'd have read the book first, but alas i didn't.

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