December 29, 2010

Wednesday Web Wanderings (35)

This is a collection of interesting book- and library-related things I've come across online this week. Check 'em out!
Happy reading!


-k said...

These sites look great and I'm going to have to check them out ASAP.
Also, I just got the ARC of The Ivy in the mail and it's all safe and sound.
Happy reading!

Katie said...

Social Faux Pa Pa... hahahahahahaha! I wish I had the guts to speak to honestly to some of my kiddos' parents. I'm sending the "Great YA Librarians" link to my mom (who is also a YA librarian!) right now. I reeeaaalllly want to join that NYC kidlit book club! Do you think that's something that a "normal" person could do?? And I really need to spend some more time poking around the Award Annals. There is just too much info there to skim it in one sitting! Thanks for a great collection of wanderings :)

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