January 24, 2011

Grad school reflections: Week 2 of my final semester

Well, this was an interesting week! Because of MLK day and a lot of snow (by Indiana standards), none of my classes on campus met this week, but we still did some work from home. I'm glad I had a little extra time at home to spend with  my fiancee because he left for boot camp this weekend. He's a full-time police officer, so he is going to join the Marine Reserves which will allow him to return to work once his training is over. I am really proud of him and happy that he's pursuing this, but it will definitely be lonely at home without him. He pointed out that I'll have a lot more reading time while he's gone. hehe. I'm hoping that grad school and work will keep me busy enough that the time will pass quickly! Here's what I was working on this week: 

Youth Services: We did not meet because of MLK day. At home I worked on my Current Trends assignment. My topic is teens and eReading. I read a ton of articles, but I think what helped me the most was the 2010 Kids and Family Reading Report from Scholastic. My classmates and I will be presenting on our topics this evening, and I look forward to a variety of interesting topics. 

Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults: This class went on as usual because it's online only.  Our topic this week was web-based pathfinders and social bookmarking. I've had some experience creating pathfinders since I was a high school teacher for a few years and have contributed to my library's homeschool pathfinders as well. We had a few options for activities and discussion posts, but I chose to focus on social bookmarking and create a Delicious account since I didn't already have one. I can't believe I've never used Delicious before - it's so easy! I can definitely see how it could be used in school or public libraries to point people toward credible and age-appropriate websites. Have you used Delicious before? What do you think of it? 

Adult Readers Advisory: It snowed  a lot on the day of class, so the instructor cancelled just to be on the safe side. A lot of my classmates have a long drive, and the roads were terrible. At home we read several journal articles on Writing about Reading and The Readers Advisory Interview. We joined the Goodreads group for our class (where we'll post our reading annotations) and created Wikipedia user accounts (where we'll add information about our favorite books that don't have entries yet). I'm looking forward to next week when we start discussing suspense and thrillers! 


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