January 2, 2011

Library Love (1)

Library Love is a new feature I'm starting today. I noticed that when I talk about libraries with friends and family members, they often say, "I didn't know libraries offered that!" I thought it would be fun to think up many different reasons for people to use their local library. Some things I mention may be obvious to those of you who routinely use your public library, but others may be new to you. Either way I hope that this feature inspires you to visit and support your local library! 

1. Save money by borrowing hardcover bestsellers. 
Many libraries purchase multiple copies of bestselling books for their patrons. Some will even let you put it on hold before the book arrives so that you can be first to read it! If you're someone who really loves to buy books and keep them on your shelves at home, previewing bestsellers at the library can help you decide if the book is worth buying or not. With some hardcover bestsellers costing as much as $30 or $40, you may feel the need to be discerning with which ones you purchase! 

Most libraries provide links to bestseller lists from their websites, and some will print off the lists to display in the library for your convenience. If they haven't ordered the book you want, don't be afraid to request that they buy it. If the budget allows, most libraries are happy to take patron requests, especially if the book is a popular bestseller that will circulate well. 

What bestsellers have you checked out from your library recently? 


Katie said...

SUCH a great idea. I'm going to bookmark this feature so I can have a compilation of your whole list. I LOVE LIBRARIES. I actually check out ALL bestsellers from the library, and then pick and choose what I want to add to my personal collection AFTER reading. Books are just too expensive for me to buy without test-driving first.

Jessica Lawlor said...

This is a fab idea! I am a huge advocate of my library and scream its praises to anyone and everyone. Can't wait to see all your reasons!

Super said...

I am going to link each post on the "Library Love" page on my navigation bar so that it's easy to see the whole list. Thanks for the positive feedback - I had fun compiling the list. :)

I prefer to preview bestsellers at the library before buying (unless I can find an extremely discounted copy at a library book sale or used bookstore!).

barmybex said...

This is great, Libraries need all the promotion they can get.
I'll put a link to your 'Library Love' page on my blog so more people are aware. :D

Chelle said...

Great idea! I can't wait to read more!

Jo said...

I am a librarian and totally appreciate (and love) that you are giving libraries some love!! :)

I was always a heavy library user, even before I became a librarian. Most books I read I don't feel compelled to own, and I like the "try before you buy" option. :)

Riv Re said...

Nice feature! I <3 my library!

bibliophile brouhaha said...

LOVE this new feature! I used to work at a library part-time, and I loved it so, so much! This is a great new feature - I will link to it in my upcoming roundup :)

-Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

Chic Fit Geek said...

I look forward to reading these reasons. I love my library and need to go more often.

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