January 5, 2011

Wednesday Web Wanderings (36)

This is a collection of interesting book- and library-related things I've come across online this week. Check 'em out!

Happy reading! 


Katie said...

Nancy Pearl... how can she not be the librarian of the year every year?? I just read your link on here and really got inspired by this quote:

"When people ask, ‘What should I read next?’ we should always try to give them three books. One should be pretty close to the one they loved. The second should be a little bit different, a bit of a stretch. The third book is the real stretch book, the reach book. The book they never would have found because it is nonfiction and they only look at Westerns,” Pearl says.

“People come into the library and head straight to the section where they have found the most pleasure.... It is our job to take them around to the rest."

I want to be a librarian like her!!

I Read Banned Books said...

Yay for Neil and Half Price getting an online store...sure wish they would catalog now!


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