February 10, 2011

Adult Readers' Advisory Annotation #2: Romance

Title: Vision in White (Bride Quartet, #1) 
Author: Nora Roberts 
Publisher: Berkley Trade 
Publication Date: April 28, 2009 
Page Count: 343 
ISBN: 0425227510 
Genre: Romance
Source: Purchased eBook

Mackensie "Mac" Elliott is a wedding photographer for Vows, a wedding planning business that she and her three best friends run together. Mac loves capturing the perfect moment on camera, and she is passionate about her work. She is part of a wedding business, but she doesn't really believe in commitment. After all, she's never had a serious relationship, and she's quite scarred from her parents' divorce and her mother's flighty behavior when it comes to men. But when Mac bumps into Carter, a bride-to-be's brother who she remembers from high school, she is thrown for a loop. Carter, a sweet, attractive English teacher, is definitely not Mac's usual type, yet she can't help being drawn to him. Carter, on the other hand, has always admired Mac - he even admits to having a crush on her when they were younger. While Mac tries to keep her relationship with Carter casual, it soon becomes clear that they are both falling for one another - hard and fast. Mac's instinct is to run, but Carter isn't ready to let her go so easily.

This was an emotionally satisfying read, and it reminded me of the experience of watching a romantic comedy movie. Mac believes that movies about love and romance should have happy endings "...because life, too often, didn't. Love faded, or flipped over into loathing. Or settled somewhere in between into a kind of grinding detachment. It could snap like a dry twig, with one careless step." (p. 85) Mac's thoughts explain why romantic comedies appeal to me, and I believe this is a big appeal of romance novels as well. We as readers want to experience that satisfying resolution at the end, even if we have to suffer through difficult circumstances or big misunderstandings between the characters along the way. The characters in Vision in White definitely drive the story, and it is satisfying to see Mac and Carter grow both individually and in their relationship over the course of the novel.

Another reason this book appeals to me is the non-typical love interest. Carter is exactly the type of guy I would fall for, which made it easy to identify with Mac. Carter is not rugged, distant, or dangerous. He is clumsy, awkward, and adorable - and definitely safe. Yet for Mac, giving her heart to anyone at all terrifies her, no matter how safe he may seem. Instead of the heroine bringing the man to his senses, Carter must help Mac learn to trust him and to trust her own feelings.

Vision in White is a sweet and satisfying read. The remaining books in the Bride Quartet follow Mac's three best friends as they find their own happy endings. 


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