February 7, 2011

Grad school reflections: Week 4 of my final semester

Early last week I was able to attend a YA librarian roundtable and meet several teen/YA librarians from central Indiana. Awesome! But that was the highlight of my week because I was stuck at home for the next 5 days due to the ice and snow. I did get a lot of homework done, though, as well as a lot of napping and movie-watching. Here's a recap on classes this week.

Youth Services: Cancelled due to the ice storm. We were supposed to go on a field trip to an awesome local library and check out their children's area. Luckily I've been there before, so I wasn't too disappointed that the trip was cancelled. I hope my classmates get a chance to visit the library on their own though! 

Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults: This is an online class, so everything went on as usual. This week was all about databases. Of the assignment choices, I decided to do the one in which we compare two databases. I looked at EBSCO's Student Research Center and Gale's Opposing Viewpoints in Context. The short version of what I thought about them is that they both offer excellent searching features and great results, but Opposing Viewpoints is better for topic browsing and may be more visually appealling to teens. Plus I like that Opposing Viewpoints has scholarly articles from academic journals as well. 

Adult Readers Advisory: This class was not cancelled since it was later in the week, but I just COULD NOT get my car dug out of the ice. I was sore from falling and from spending hours hacking at the ice around my car, and eventually I had to give up and admit I wasn't going anywhere. My apartment complex was no help - they didn't even attempt to clear off the parking lot or sidewalks until the next day. Sigh. Hopefully I can make up my in-class presentation next week! I'm going to be talking about a romantic suspense novel I recently read - Seeing Red by Susan Crandall. 

Seeing Red

So that was my week! Hopefully the weather will be nicer and I'll actually get to go to all my classes this week. :)


Chelle said...

The weather has been cramping my school schedule, too. We missed two classes and meeting once a week means we have a lot to cram in the next few sessions. I hope you have a better week and am crossing my fingers there won't be anymore snow/ice storms! At least the groundhog says it will be an early spring. =)

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