February 20, 2011

Grad school reflections: Week 6 of my final semester

This week marked week 6 of the semester, and week 4 of my fiancee's boot camp training. I finally received a handwritten letter from him (3 pages!), which I considered my Valentine's Day present. :) Also, he was rewarded with a 2-minute phone call home this weekend, and I got the chance to hear his voice for the first time in a month. I love that the phone call came right after I opened a fortune cookie and read "Someone is thinking of you." What a coincidence!

At work we had our annual Anti-Valentine's Day party for the teens this week. It was a success with about 30 teens in attendance. They watched the new Alice in Wonderland movie while making crafts such as duct-tape roses and Thai string dolls. There was also cookie decorating, heartbreaker contests, and a graffiti wall in which they could draw all over the covers of romance novels. Fun times!

Here's how classes went this week.

Youth Services: We discussed developmental stages of children and programming for infants and toddlers. This was great for me since I have always worked with teens and have NO experience with the little ones! We had a few more presentations, and I enjoyed learning about Every Child Ready to Read and other interesting topics from students.

Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults: We spent the week creating pathfinders. I chose the option of creating a pathfinder for a specific library promotion. If you're interested in seeing what I created, click here.

Adult Readers Advisory: This week was "Women's Lives and Relationships" week. Several students discussed books they read in this genre, and we talked about women's fiction...what is is? Do we NEED to have a separate genre for women? Why is there no "men's fiction" equivalent? We also discussed libraries and whether they need to focus more on quality or demand. That was a long discussion that I won't even begin to summarize. haha. But the general consensus I think was that we need to balance quality and demand.

...and another week begins!


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