February 27, 2011

Grad school reflections: Week 7 of my final semester

This was another busy week for me. At work I've been given collection development duties. I'm helping put an order together for YA series books, and I'm in charge of the 000s section of nonfiction now. This is a great section because it contains books on computers, libraries, and books about books. :) There's some random stuff on UFOs/alien abductions, the Bermuda Triangle, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, and other strange things thrown in there too, and those books are really amusing me. I'm in the process of weeding the 000s and setting up an order for this month, so that's taking up a lot of my time. It's fun though - I love collection development and I'm glad I finally get to do it!

On a personal note, I received 2 letters from my fiancee this week. One of them was 5 pages long! I can't wait until I get to see him at boot camp graduation. Then soon after that is my graduation from library school. :) Speaking of library school, here's how my classes went this week.

Youth Services: We went on a field trip to my library this week. :) So I just stayed after work. I did learn a lot about the Children's department and different programs and services they offer. We got to observe a preschool storytime, which was a blast! It's one thing to learn about early literacy, but to see it in action was even better. Several children's librarian spoke to us about what they do, and the Teen Services department head joined in on the fun. A few of my classmates visited the Teen room before or after class too.

Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults: This week we went through our classmates' pathfinders and offered ideas for enhancement. We also explored fiction resources online, including eBooks, interactive books, reading apps, and transmedia storytelling. I wrote about my experiences with eBooks, and I also compared reading on the Nook to reading on a computer.

Adult Readers Advisory: This week we discussed the "intellect" genres: Mystery, Science Fiction, Literary Fiction, and Psychological Suspense. We also had an interesting discussion about fake memoirs. I have a few annotations I wrote for this week (for A Drink Before the War and The Time Machine), and I'll post them on here soon.

All in all great week!


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I'm taking adult reading materials this semester (it's also my last in grad school). I'm getting a bit annoyed at people in that class though-several people have been reading YA titles or children's titles when it's an ADULT class! And if I'm making myself reading adult titles, they can too! And some of the statements people have made have been a bit silly! How is your class going?

Super said...

I love my class! It's forced me to read outside of my comfort zone and I've really enjoyed some of the adult titles. My professor doesn't want us reading YA for class unless it's something that has crossover appeal for adults. I figure I read enough YA outside of class, so I should just focus on adult titles for class. :)

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