March 2, 2011

Adult Readers' Advisory Annotation #3: Science Fiction

Title: The Time Machine 
Author: H.G. Wells 
Publisher: Pocket Books 
Publication Date: 2004 (originally published in 1895) 
Page Count: 118 
ISBN: 0743487737 

Genre: Science Fiction
Source: Library book 

A man referred to only as “the Time Traveller” gathers a group of friends after dinner and tells them about his invention: a machine that can travel through time. His friends think he is joking about the machine, despite his efforts to explain how it works. A few days later, the Time Traveller’s friends return for a dinner party to find him disheveled and disoriented. After he excuses himself to clean up, he returns to tell the story of his journey to the year 802,701 A.D. 

This was a surprisingly fast read for me once I got past the first chapter, which is full of scientific discussion on the possibility of time travel. The bulk of the book focused on the Time Traveller’s journey to a future time. In the year 802, 701 A.D., the Time Traveller encounters two very different species descended from humans: the Eloi and the Morlock. The Eloi are small, gentle creatures that seem to live in a utopia. However, the Time Traveller soon discovers the terrible secret of the Morlocks who live underground. 

The Time Machine is an entertaining tale full of adventure and suspense. At the same time, it is also intellectually stimulating, raising questions about class relations and the future of mankind. Fans of science fiction are familiar with The Time Machine as a classic in the genre, but this compelling narrative will appeal to other readers as well, especially those interested in sociology and philosophy. 


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It's science fiction but its still impressive

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