March 30, 2011

Grad school reflections: Week 10 of my final semester

Spring break was lovely but WAY too short, and then it was back to grad school for week 10! Here's how classes went last week:

Youth Services: We had a guest speaker - a Teen Services librarian. She gave us some awesome ideas for teen programs and talked about her experiences on the job. Awesome! At home we're working on assignments which involve planning our own programs.

Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults: We turned in our database tutorial projects and offered suggestions for enhancements to other students' projects. (To see my tutorial for Something About the Author Online, click here.)

Adult Reader's Advisory: This week we discussed the Landscape Genres - Westerns, Fantasy, and Historical Fiction. I presented on the Western I read - Night Hawk by Stephen Overholser. (I'll post my annotation here soon.) At the end of class we started discussing eBooks and their role in libraries. Of course the discussion was still going when it was time for class to end, but maybe we'll have some time to pick back up with it next time.

Another great week, another week closer to graduation! I'm excited that I'm done with all my required novel reading for the semester, and I've finished my textbooks too. This will free up a little extra time for fun reading. :)


Lea said...

That youth services class sounds really interesting! Wat kinds of teen programs were suggested by the Teen Services Librarian?? You know, I never even considered becoming a teen librarian until recently and am now trying to find out as much as I can about programming and (obviously) YA books :) Are you going for an MSLIS or something similar? I miss being a student, I'm one of those crazies that thought school was SO much fun haha, so it's great to hear about how other people's grad-school experiences are going, makes me a little nostalgic ;)

My name is Patricia said...

I am so glad that you are posting your reflections of school. I just finished my Masters in Library Science in December, focused on YA and Children's Lit, and I am hoping I will be starting the Doctoral Program in August (if I do I might have to steal your idea about weekly reflections - such an AMAZING idea).

That being said, I hope don't mind me asking... what kind of programs did the Teen Services Librarian suggest?? What suggestions do you have?

<3 Happy Reading!
Patricia @ Patricia's Particularity

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