March 17, 2011

Grad school reflections: Week 9 of my final semester

Last week was week 9 of the semester, which officially marks midterm! I get way more excited about the word "midterm" now that I'm in a program which doesn't give midterm exams. Last week was also week 6 of my fiancee's boot camp training, so he's halfway to his graduation too. :) 

Here's how my classes went last week. 

Youth Services: We took a field trip to Carmel Clay Public Library to see their AWESOME YA department. (This library is actually just 10-minutes from my apartment, and I have a card there because they have a reciprocal borrowing agreement with every library in the county. Yay for more access to libraries!) First we started by sitting down with the head of the YA department, and she answered a ton of questions from us, which was really helpful. Then we toured the facility, and it is a BEAUTIFUL building. I wish they had a virtual tour online that I could link for you. Anyway, the field trip was a blast!  I love meeting YA people and seeing what great things they are doing with teens.

Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults: Nothing was due. We are working on another big project due next week. I'm putting together a tutorial for the Something About the Author Online database. I'll post it on here when I'm finished!

Adult Readers Advisory: We spent most of the class discussing our "Secret Shopper" assignment. Each one of us went to a public library and asked a librarian for a good book to read. Then in class we reported back on what questions the librarian asked, whether or not they used reader's advisory tools, and whether or not they successfully recommended a good book. We also talked about the librarian's approachability factor, the library environment, follow-up questions (or lack thereof) and so on. It was really interesting to hear everyone's experiences. Some were really good and some were really bad (unfortunately). But it does make us aware of how it feels to be on the other side of the desk asking for a good book to read, and it makes us more aware of what to do and what NOT to do. 

A great week overall. No class this week because it's spring break. :) :


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