May 22, 2011

Library Love (12)

I noticed that when I talk about libraries with friends and family members, they often say, "I didn't know libraries offered that!" Library Love is a feature in which I share many different reasons for people to use and love their local library. Some things I mention may be obvious to those of you who routinely use your public library, but others may be new to you. Either way I hope that this feature inspires you to visit and support your local library! 

12. Enjoy free wireless internet access. 

Don't have internet access at home? Need a quiet place to get some work done on your laptop? 

Many public libraries are now offering wireless internet access during their open hours for their patrons and visitors. Some libraries require a password to connect to their wireless network while others do not. Some libraries have certain "wi-fi hot spot" areas while others provide wireless access throughout the entire building.

Bring your own laptop or device and get your work done without having to make a computer station reservation or having to worry about your session running out before you can finish and save your work. Many libraries are even adding extra electrical outlets throughout the building for laptop users who may need to charge their computers. 

Does your local library offer wireless internet access? 


mel u said...

I live in a city in Asia of ten million people-we have some of the biggest fanciest shopping malls in the world-but we have no public libraries at all-that means no books for the poor (which is bulk of the people), no free internet, no free news papers and magazines to give diverse view points, no children's story hours, no browsing the stacks in most peoples whole lives-no books to take home to share with your kids-It makes me feel sad when I see libraries are not appreciated and are taken for granted-

DeniseF said...

Yes! I couldn't afford internet at my house for a while and it was so nice to be able to take my laptop to the library and use the free wi-fi.

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