May 19, 2011

Summer Reading is here!

This week the Summer Reading program at my library officially began. Our theme is "The Great Outdoors." It is free and open to patrons of all ages, not just children. We have some amazing raffle prizes this year - a grill, a tent, a kayak, tickets to an Indians game, a Nook, $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble, and much more! And all our patrons have to do to get raffle tickets is track the amount of hours they spend reading! How awesome is that? I'm really looking forward to the teen programs we have planned too--the annual Girl Talk lock-in, a frisbee golf tournament, the Amazing Race, and soda pop rocketry. Along with Harry Potter Day and outdoor movie nights, it's shaping up to be a really fun summer. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. ;)

As I mentioned, we just track the amount of hours read - not pages or # of books. Books can be in any format - eBook, audiobook, print, graphic novel, whatever! Staff members are encouraged to sign-up and track their reading hours too even though they're not eligible for the raffle prizes. We can set goals for our reading hours too. I set my goal at 300 hours. I doubt I'll reach it, but I like to set my goals high!

I have a lot more free time for reading now that grad school is over. Plus my husband is the Marine Corps School of Infantry in California until mid-July, so reading will be a good way to entertain myself while he's gone and make the time go by faster!

Besides my lofty goal of 300 reading hours, here are some other reading-related goals I have for the summer:

  • catch up on blog challenges - I'm doing well in some but slacking in others...
  • catch up on review books - I fell behind during school and need to get through the pile! 
  • read books I own in addition to library books - I tend to neglect the books I own because they don't have due dates. hehe
Does your library have a summer reading program? Do you have any reading goals for the summer?


barmybex said...

My Library's Reading Challenge starts in July - the theme this year is the 'Circus'. We count number of books read though.
Yours sounds really fun, good luck with the 300 hours!

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