June 15, 2011

Library Links (1)

You may (or may not) have noticed that I've been slacking on my Wednesday Web Wanderings posts lately - oops. I used to have Wednesdays off, but now that I'm working full-time I sometimes don't get around to posting my link lists on Wednesday evenings. I've decided to re-name this feature "Library Links," so that I can post on more than just Wednesdays (and also because I like alliteration). The links I share will be related to libraries, technology, books, and authors (and occasionally some random fun pop culture-related links). 

On to the links!

10 Technologies that Revolutionized Libraries Worldwide
Interesting article--I agree with the statement that "...digital devices provided libraries with a great way to expand what they can do for the community at large, building bridges and opening up the populace to new ideas and insights." There are still some librarians who are resistant to embrace eBooks and eReaders, but these new technologies appear to be here to stay. They're not replacing print books, they are just helping us expand our services. 

Library Link of the Day
How am I just now finding this website? It provides a link each day to help you keep informed and up to date with the library world. You can also subscribe and receive the links by e-mail.

QR Code Marriage Proposal
I was reading up on QR codes to see how other individuals and libraries have used them. I came across this link about a very creative marriage proposal using QR codes and Google Search Stories. So sweet! 


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