June 12, 2011

Library Love (13)

I noticed that when I talk about libraries with friends and family members, they often say, "I didn't know libraries offered that!" Library Love is a feature in which I share many different reasons for people to use and love their local library. Some things I mention may be obvious to those of you who routinely use your public library, but others may be new to you. Either way I hope that this feature inspires you to visit and support your local library! 

13. Earn prizes just for reading by signing up for Summer Reading! 

One of my favorite things about working in a library is Summer Reading. At my library children, teens, AND adults can earn prizes simply for spending time reading over the summer. They can read materials in almost any format - we just ask that they track how many total hours they've spent reading - and reading to someone else counts too! They earn incentive prizes along the way and raffle tickets for larger items which we give away at the end of the summer. We center our summer programming around a common theme (this year it is "The Great Outdoors") and give those who attend programs the chance to win prizes as well. It's a great time to celebrate our shared love of reading with our patrons and share all the great books we've discovered over the summer! (Check out our fun decorations in the adult reference area.)

Other libraries may run their programs differently by tracking the number of books read or the number of pages read. But no matter how the program is run, it is usually a lot of fun for all involved. If you're going to be reading a lot over the summer, why not get rewarded for it? 

Have you participated in a Summer Reading program at your local library? 


mel u said...

I live in a country with 80+ million people-we have some of the biggest fanciest malls in the world-and also some of the biggest slums-we have never had a public library-this means unless a child is at least middle class, he will never read anything but a school book unless he is real lucky, no free internet access, etc etc-if you live where there are libraries don't take them for granted

Susan (Reading World) said...

I loved the summer reading challenge at my library when I was a kid. It was very simple then. No prizes, just names on the wall, but it was still a challenge and a whole summer of reading as many books as I could. The local library where I live now does it up much fancier, and my kids got involved when they were younger. They had a blast. We continue to support it. The community response is always wonderful.

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