August 20, 2011

Review - Delirium by Lauren Oliver (audiobook)

Delirium: The Special Edition

Lena is about to turn 18 and undergo a procedure which will provide the cure to the disease "deliria," more commonly known as "love." She believes this is for the best - after all, the government is only trying to protect its citizens from contracting the disease. The uncured "Invalids" roam outside the safe borders of Portland. Lena's mother had the disease and it destroyed her. 

But just 95 days before her cure, Lena meets Alex. He is charming, mysterious, and irresistable. He's also uncured, although the government doesn't know this. Lena starts to fall for Alex and behave recklessly, risking her life just to be with him. As her procedure draws ever closer, Lena slowly begins to realize the lies she has been fed about love by her government, and she desperately tries to find a way to avoid being "cured." 

As much as I wanted to love this book, it was just okay for me. The premise of the book was difficult for me to accept because it wasn't fully explained. Why did the society end up this way? And what exactly happens during the procedure which "cures" love? I would have liked a little more world-building to fully understand the society that Lena was born into and how it came be that way. I did feel a strong connection between Alex and Lena, but it seemed more like an infatuation or attraction than love. I think what kept me going was the beautiful prose and its lyrical quality. I listened to the audiobook, and Sarah Drew's portrayal of Lena was engaging and emotionally intense.  The story ended on an unsettling cliffhanger, so I will most likely be picking up the next book in the trilogy. While Delirium is not my favorite dystopian romance, it has beautiful writing with themes of forbidden romance and resistance of an all-controlling society. 


Randi said...

I agree with you on how there wasn't enough explanation on the procedures etc. I liked the book, couldn't put it down actually. And I didn't know it was a part of a series. I can't wait then to finish it.

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