September 20, 2011

Forever Yound Adult Book Club - Indianapolis Style

The newly formed Indianapolis chapter of the Forever Young Adult Book Club (FYABC) met for the first time last Friday night at Creation Cafe in Indianapolis. We had 7 people attend and discuss Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride. (To see if there's an FYABC in your area, click here. We didn't see one already formed in Indiana, so we just started our own!)

Here is the CliffNotes version of our discussion (we decided to discuss the book using the "book report grading" format that the Forever YA girls use on their blog):

Cover Story - We think the guy on the cover is cute. We also think the bird is oddly placed...he's just sitting there like a parrot...we thought maybe the bird would play a larger role in the story since it looks like they are sidekicks or something based on the cover.

BFF Charm - Most said nay.

Swoonworthy Scale - 4

Talky Talk - Dialogue was realistic and well-written

Bonus Factors - Talking head; hybrid paranormal creatures; song lyrics as chapter titles

Casting Call - We think a young Reese Witherspoon would be perfect for Brooke. (I don't remember who we chose for the other characters...I think I was distracted by my food at this point). 

Relationship Status - We LIKE like this book. Definitely a stand out in the paranormal genre because of the humor.

Creation Cafe is a fun restaurant on the canal in Indy. They serve BEER FLOATS. This is mainly the reason we chose to go there for the first official meeting. I've included some photographic evidence of this awesomeness. Also they have live music on the weekends - a dude that looks like Santa Claus played mostly country cover songs (but he also played "Puff the Magic Dragon" at one point which was random and very amusing). We had the hostess take our group's picture, and then she was curious about the book so we did some YAngelizing (in Forever YA lexicon, this means spreading the gospel of YA) . We had a great time and really look forward to next month! We're also looking forward to reading the re-cap on Forever YA and finding out how this month's meeting went in other cities. :)

Beer + sorbet = the best idea ever


Tameka said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I love book events! Also love the name Creation Cafe!

Jessica Love said...

Fun! And yay beer floats! I really hope to check mine out next month.

Melissa @ Mel's Books and Info said...

Oh this sounds like so much fun! I wish I lived closer to Indy! :)

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