September 12, 2011

Overbite by Meg Cabot

Overbite** spoiler alert ** Overbite is the sequel to Insatiable, so be warned that there will be spoilers for book 1 in this review!

Overbite begins about six months after the events of Insatiable end. Meena Harper’s ex-boyfriend, Lucien Antonescu, turned out to be the son of Dracula and the prince of darkness. Meena has decided to swear off dating vampires, but she just can’t shake her feelings for Lucien. She’s convinced that there is some good within him and that he’s not 100% evil. Even though he doesn’t have a soul, Meena believes Lucien is capable of love.

To complicate matters, Meena has been asked to join the Palatine Guard, which is a secret demon-hunting unit of the Vatican, because of her special gift (the ability to predict how people will die). Lucien has gone into hiding, and a new breed of vampires has emerged that not only drinks human blood but also feasts on human flesh. Meena’s co-worker, Alaric Wulf, is determined to protect her from Lucien, while at the same time, Lucien is trying to protect Meena from the new breed of vampires. Meena’s loyalties are tested, and she is torn between following her head and her heart.

I loved Insatiable, so I was eager to read Overbite. It was a fast-paced and suspenseful read with bits of humor and romance mixed in. Alaric was my favorite character—his personality reminded me a little of Booth from the TV series Bones. I have mixed feelings about the way the book ended. It seemed a little out of character for Meena to do what she did, and the abrupt ending surprised me. Overall, though, I would recommend Overbite to anyone looking for an entertaining read with humor, forbidden romance, a love triangle, and a lot of action! 


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