October 14, 2011

Friday Five (1)

Long time no blog! It's been a crazy month.

1. We moved in to our first home and have spent a lot of time getting unpacked/organized and decorating. We're having our backyard fenced in soon which will be great for our dog. It's a little more expensive than we hoped because our backyard is pretty big, but I think it will be worth it. 

The house has 3 bedrooms with TONS of closet space. For once we actually have enough room for our wardrobes plus all of his police and military uniforms/gear. And I'm loving all the extra cabinet and pantry space in our kitchen. I do not miss apartment living at all! I'll post some more pictures soon. I reorganized my bookshelves and I think they look pretty. :)

2. We had several weeks without cable and internet, but AT&T finally came to set it up. The signal seems to go in and out a lot, so I hope they can get it fixed soon. It would be nice to catch up on my favorite shows on the weekend! I'm looking forward to being able to DVR a show in one room and watch it in another - we didn't have this ability with our last cable provider. And the ability to DVR up to 4 shows at a time is awesome. :) While waiting for the cable to get fixed, I have watched season 6 of The Office on DVD in its entirety, including the deleted scenes. Oh, how I love that show!

3. I feel like I'm in a style rut. I wasn't able to go shopping during grad school, so I made do with the clothes I already had. But now I have a full-time job and a little extra room in the budget for shopping. I need some new outfit ideas. What are your favorite everyday fashion blogs or websites? I need outfit ideas that are cute and stylish and appropriate for work. 

4. My husband has been away for the past 4 weekends in a row. He works every other weekend for the police department (night shift), and he has drill for the Marine Corps one weekend a month. That leaves one free weekend. This month on his free weekend he threw a bachelor party for his best friend out of town. I miss him. :( He says he'll be back on Sunday afternoon, so we can hopefully have date night!

5. I've been reading a lot of books lately, but I haven't written any reviews. I have a few reviews due to VOYA next week, so that is my first priority. Having a deadline is actually motivating! Maybe I need to set a deadline for myself for blog reviews too so that I actually get them done...


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