October 21, 2011

Friday Five (2)

1. There are tons of cool things coming up at the library that I'm looking forward to. Next week is our annual Zombie Fest lock-in for teens. I'll be manning the Thriller dance station again. I need to get my costume ready! We also have the Teen Film Festival soon and NaNoWriMo author visits/write-ins to look forward to. It will be a busy but fun fall. 

2. Speaking of work, my library is participating in Geek the Library. It's fun, and our patrons love telling us what they "geek"!  

I've been making weekly Geek of the Week displays to highlight different staff members and library supporters. The first one featured me (yes, it was weird to make a display with my own picture on it, but I was encouraged to go first). I geek music. I didn't choose books because that's what you'd expect a librarian to say!
3. I joined the Biggest Loser competition at work, but I'm not doing very well. I lost 3 pounds but then I gained a pound back. I'm going to the gym regularly, so why am I gaining weight? Mostly I blame my lack of willpower and desserts like this (I mean, how can you resist?): 
Pumpkin break frozen yogurt with graham cracker crumbs, pumpkin spice, and candy corns (from Orange Leaf)
Yummy Applebees dessert split with friends
4. I'm getting a haircut tonight! It's about time. My mom is a hairdresser, and she's always been the one to cut my hair - I don't go anywhere else. But she lives two hours away, and I have to schedule an "appointment" with her that's outside her regular work hours since I'm not a paying customer. So after work I'm driving down  to get a much needed cut plus hopefully some color and a Keratin treatment. I don't really have a plan...we usually just wing it. Sometimes she surprises me. She knows I don't want any really dramatic changes though, so I trust her!

5. I haven't used KodakGallery.com in quite a while, but I logged back on this week and was impressed with all the updates and improvements. I can now upload photos directly from my phone or import them from Facebook albums in addition to uploading from my hard drive. (I'm sure you can do this on other photo sites as well, but I have a ton already on Kodak Gallery and don't feel like switching to a new site). I think I'll back up all my photos on there and then order archive DVDs as an extra backup. Then I can delete all my photos from my laptop and free up space. More space means I will finally be able to back up my mobile devices and then upgrade them to iOS 5. Woo! This nerd is excited. 

Happy Friday!


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