October 23, 2011

Virals by Kathy Reichs (audiobook)

Tory Brennan is the niece of forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan (the main character of the Bones novels and the television show based on them). Tory, 14, is the daughter of a marine biologist. She has lived with him ever since her mother died, but she barely knew him before. They live on a secluded island on the South Carolina coastline. She and her friends decide to rescue a dog from a research lab on a nearby island. They don’t know that the dog is infected with a new, experimental strain of parvovirus that is able to transmit to humans. Tory and her friends soon start to experience strange symptoms and heightened senses as well as superhuman powers. When they discover human remains on the island, they find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery—and someone out will do anything to prevent them from solving it. 

Virals is an action-packed read with mystery, suspense, and adventure. It’s refreshing to read about teen characters who are so interested in science(and who also know how to use the library!). Tory is a strong heroine. I enjoyed listening to the audiobook and thought the narrator did a great job of capturing Tory’s personality. There were also some sound effects (which I’m not used to hearing in audiobooks), and they added an interesting element to the listening experience. I recommend this book for fans of Bones or anyone looking for a fast-paced mystery. 


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