December 20, 2011

Top 11 of 2011 - #11

I've been neglecting my blog lately (sorry!). But I'm back to share my favorite reads of the year.  On Twitter, librarians are sharing their top 11 reads of 2011 with the hashtag #libfavs2011. I thought I'd share my picks here too. 

My #11 favorite book of the year: 
Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea's Family, Friends & Other Victims

I listened to the audiobook version (read my review). 

If you're making a top 11 list, what's your #11 pick? 


Jennie said...

Can't wait to see the full countdown!

I Read Banned Books said...

Gah, I need to read this. I never read adult and I need to remedy that!


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