February 16, 2012

Library Blackout Poetry

One of the teen activities my library has have planned for this spring is blackout poetry - this is a simple activity that doesn't require much material or preparation in advance. We're doing this in April to celebrate National Poetry Month. I've seen several examples of blackout poetry online, and I decided to try it out myself and share my first attempt at it. 

You can use newspaper articles, book pages, or magazine/journal pages. Since February is Library Lovers Month, I decided I wanted to do a library themed blackout poem, so I picked up an old edition of College & Research Libraries News that I had in my office and opened it to a random page. 

I went through the page and underlined or circled words that I wanted to use to make a poem. 

I used a black marker to color in the rest of the page, leaving only the words in my poem visible. 
Here is my completed blackout poem (with a little added punctuation): 

Come to the library!
Our job - 
Value our patrons
Guide to resources, books
Promote content
Ask questions
Provide information
Librarians: We're significant.

Ok, so it's a little cheesy, but I had fun doing it. A twist on the blackout poetry is to turn it into a work of art with color and designs. Here is one example that I found on Pinterest:

How cool is that? I would definitely frame this and hang it on my wall. 

Have you ever tried blackout poetry? 


Katie DeKoster said...

I've never even heard of blackout poetry! The Pinterest poem is so pretty. Thanks for sharing this idea!

Jennie said...

I think it is awesome that you are doing such great things with the youth at your library!

Jo said...

What a cool idea! If it's ok with you, would like to share this idea with my library colleagues. :)

Super Librarian said...

Feel free to share!

Rachel said...

This is going to be our Craft N Go program when the teens get back from Spring break. Should be interesting!

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