March 4, 2012

Another Hunger Games t-shirt!

I went to visit my husband in Terre Haute yesterday - he had a long day of drill (Marine Corps) and was staying in a hotel before flying out to Norway today for annual training. Well, his drill went a lot longer than expected, and I was going to just to wait at the hotel for him to arrive, BUT there was a Books a Million next door, so....of course I had to go in! 

I found this Hunger Games t-shirt and had to buy it. Don't you just love it?! 

So my husband was originally scheduled to get home from training on the 29th, but now they're saying it could be a week or so earlier. He told me not to cancel my Hunger Games movie plans because of him though. Aww. That's very sweet of him (usually he teases me relentlessly about my obsession with The Hunger Games! haha). He also confessed that went "hanklerfishing" in a store when he came across copies of The Fault In Our Stars. Be still my heart!  :) 

P.S. I found this shirt for sale on Amazon too if you don't have a Books a Million nearby. 

The Hunger Games - Down W/Capitol Poster Adult T-Shirt In Heather Charcoal, Size: Medium, Color: Heather Charcoal


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