June 8, 2012

Teen Room - New Furniture from IKEA!

Recently I posted a link to pictures of our old and new Teen Rooms at the library. I mentioned that we were receiving a grant for $5,000 to furnish the new room. We had so much fun shopping at IKEA and picking out furniture. Everything has been assembled and is being enjoyed by the teens already!

IKEA was so inexpensive that we had enough money left over to buy 3 new computers for the Teen Room (we haven't had a chance to set them up yet, so they are not pictured). We even had a little left over to get more gaming equipment too. :)

 Here are a few pictures I've taken so far. We're still in decorating mode - we have more signs to hang up and some paint and wall decals to add behind the reference desk. But you get the idea! We're really happy with how everything has turned out, and we're getting great feedback from teens and other patrons.

These retro gaming wall decals spice up the boring white walls

The clear chairs are really popular! And they are surprisingly comfortable.

Some study tables plus a few comfy chairs.

More comfy chairs! And I love the bright green tables.

These chairs face a TV which we show movies on after school.

This table will hold our touch screen computer soon - it will be used for searching the catalog, scanning QR codes, watching book trailers, etc.

We plan to turn this table sideways and put two new computers on it.They will be used for browsing the internet or doing homework.

This cubby in the gaming corner is for teens to stow their backpacks and other stuff. (The black cabinet was one we already owned and it holds our Wii and Xbox.)
Look at all that space and the awesome new furniture!

We're in love with our new Teen Room, and we are so happy that the move was done at no cost to the library thanks to grant money and volunteer who helped move everything downstairs!


Annette said...

ts really great! They will love it.

loreleimarsh said...

I love your teen area! Congrats on the grant as well.

Jennie said...

It looks awesome!!!

myrona traga said...

Wow, it look absolutely fantstic! The more i like is that IKEA put a big accent on books, shelves with books and this is great! These are the perfect designs for teenager's rooms.
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