January 2, 2013

2012 Stats & 2013 Goals

Favorite  bookish moment of 2012: Meeting the one and only Meg Cabot at my local Barnes and Noble! 

I completed my challenge of reading 100 books in 2012! I actually finished up with 113 books read (but for some reason it only shows 110 on my Goodreads challenge badge - oh well!). Out of curiosity I kept track of how many books I read of each format and also the source of my books. 

42 audiobooks
36 eBooks
35 print books

76 library books
28 books purchased
6 review books from Voices of Youth Advocates magazine
3 review books from NetGalley

I'm going to keep my goal at 100 books for 2013, and I'm also tracking how many pages I read (or hours I listen to of audiobooks). I'm only joining a few challenges. One is a genre challenge in which I can sample a variety of different types of books this year. Another is a presidential biography challenge (which is an ongoing challenge that doesn't have to be completed this year).

Did you reach your 2012 reading goals? What do you have planned for 2013?


quinnsbooknook said...

I went to a Meg Cabot event in 2012 too! She was a wonderful speaker, and she signed tons of books! Congrats on meeting your 2012 goals.

Annette said...

Great year! My goal is to always read more this year than last. Alas, I didn't make it this year, but I was CLOSE!

Jennie said...

Way to go! I love seeing that library book count. That's something I need to work on this coming year.

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