April 23, 2013

Top Ten Books I Liked More/Less Than I Thought I Would

Interesting topic! Like other bloggers, I'm going to split my list in half and share five I liked more and five I liked less. 

Books I liked LESS than I thought I would

I really wanted to like this one. I read it once in print and then tried it again in audio, and it was just not a very enjoyable read for me. I decided not to continue with the series.

I think the only reason I finished this one was because I had a 19 hour layover in an airport in London, and it was helping me pass the time. I mean, it was mildly entertaining, but it didn't live up to all the hype.

I had to read this one for a literature class in undergrad. Not only did I not enjoy it, but I also had to discuss it and write essays about it. Blah!

My friends and I read this as a book club pick, and none of us liked it. It confused me more than anything. I would like to watch the movie adaptation to see if I understand the characters/plot better.

Teens convinced me to read this, but it was painful to get through. I couldn't stand the main character!

Books I liked MORE than I thought I would

I wasn't expecting much from this one, but it pleasantly surprised me. I read it really quickly. 

I know, I know, I joined the Harry Potter bandwagon WAY too late. But when it first came out, I didn't think I would like it because I didn't read much fantasy fiction. I'm so glad I gave it a try! Now I'm obsessed with both the books and the movies, and I read a lot more fantasy novels than I used to.

This is another one that I didn't think I would like. But everyone kept saying it was awesome, so I picked it up and started the series right before the final book came out. Loved it! 

My husband actually bought this one, and at first I didn't think I'd want to read a book about a school shooting, thinking it would be too disturbing. Well, a lot of it was disturbing, but the book was so well-written and well-researched that I couldn't put it down. It dispelled a lot of the myths around what happened.

This was a book club pick that I probably would have never picked up on my own. It was really enjoyable, and I have since picked up other books by this author.


Tin said...

Yes to HP, and Hunger Games. And Garden Spells too which was quite a magical, and delicious read. :)

quinnsbooknook said...

So so so glad you ended up loving Harry Potter. I started reading the series before they got to be so incredibly popular, and just picked the first one up on a whim. So glad I did because HP is probably my favorite series, ever!

Jennie said...

I felt the same way about The Host too!

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