May 31, 2013

Armchair BEA Day 4: Ethics and Nonfiction

Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads

Today's discussion topic is "Ethics in Blogging." 

Blogger ethics is an interesting topic! My advice to new bloggers is to always be careful about giving credit when due. Before quoting from someone else's blog or using an image you've found, ask permission! Alternatively, you can seek photos that are already licensed for use with certain conditions (I like to find images through Flickr's Creative Commons). 

Also, be sure to give credit for ideas that you are building on. If someone's post inspired you to write something similar, mention that and link back to them! I think above all we just need to be respectful and courteous as fellow bloggers .

The genre of the day is Nonfiction. 

I love nonfiction! I am not very picky with my nonfiction reading - I'll pick up just about anything if it looks interesting enough. I tend to listen a lot of nonfiction audiobooks so that I can be entertained or learning something new while I'm doing boring tasks. Here are some of my favorite nonfiction reads: 
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