June 21, 2013

Audiobook Week Discussion: Learning About Audiobooks

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Today's prompt: Where do you learn about great audiobook titles? Buy your audiobooks? Share your secrets with the rest of us! We’d particularly love to know what narrators or publishers are active in social media or do a great job communicating with listeners.

My main way of discovering audiobooks is the library. I work there, so I see all the new titles that come in on CD. I browse the shelves and the new audiobooks display until I see something that looks interesting. I also use the Overdrive catalog to look for downloadable library audiobooks. Often these will be labeled with the average rating by other listeners, so if it has an average of 5 stars, it's probably a safe bet! 

I read audiobook reviews from fellow bloggers. Audiobook Jukebox is a great place to start when looking for blogger reviews! For professional reviews, I like Audiofile magazine and Library Journal

I buy audiobooks from Audible.com -- usually the titles that I can't get from the library in any format. I like that you can read reviews from other listeners first. I've also bought audiobooks from library books sales. They're usually marked down to just a couple bucks! 


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