July 26, 2013

Radical Read-along: Day 1 Discussion and Cover Remake Challenge

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Yesterday was the kickoff to the Radical Read-along! 

My thoughts on Chapters 1-4 of Unearthly (possible spoilers!):

I don’t read a lot of angel books, but this one was highly recommended by fellow librarians and bloggers. So far, I’m really enjoying it!

I’m curious about Clara’s “purpose” and want to learn more about her mom’s back story, too.

I like Clara as a character. She seems like a normal teenager and has a good sense of humor.

I am not a big fan of love triangles, but it seems like we’re gearing up for one. Sigh. So far I think I’m developing a little bit of a character crush on Christian based on the way Clara describes him.

Favorite quotes:

I looked at my reflection in the bedroom mirror.
“Okay,” I said. “Show me...the wings!”
“Faster than a speeding bullet!” I announced to the reflection, striking my best Superman pose. Then my smile in the mirror faded and the girl on the other side stared back at me skeptically. 
(page 57)

He constantly lingers at the edges of my mind--except for those disorienting moments when  he moves blindingly to center stage. (page 15)

He smiles again. Hot is really not an adequate enough word for this guy. He is crazy beautiful. And it’s more than his looks--the intentionally messy waves of his dark hair; the strong eyebrows that make his expression a bit serious, even when he smiles; his eyes, which I notice can look emerald in one light and hazel in another; the sweetly sculpted angles of his face; the curve of his full lips. I’ve been seeing him from the front for all of ten minutes total and already I’m obsessing about his lips. (page 42)

Cover Remake Challenge: 

Remixed from a Creative Commons image.
Original photo by Flickr user JanetR3


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