July 27, 2013

Radical Read-along: Day 2 Discussion and Dream Cast Challenge

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My thoughts on Chapters 5-9 of Unearthly (spoilers!):

I had to laugh at the chair lift scene. Even though Clara is an angel-blood and has amazing abilities, she still has those awkward teenager moments.

I'm glad that Clara and Angela are starting to hang out more because Clara can find out details about angels that her mom isn't willing to share. But what if Angela turns out to have less than honorable intentions? Her dad is a Black Wing after all...I don't know. Also, I wish Clara wouldn't blow off Wendy. She seems really nice and I trust her more than Angela.

I kind of wish I could go back to school and take British History with their teacher. I love how he makes it fun and interesting.

Dream Cast Challenge: 

I'm terrible at casting because I don't always see the characters in my head in the way that they are described in the book. Anyway, here's who I picked!

Skylar Day as Clara

Mae Whitman as Angela

Chloe Moretz as Wendy

Finn Harries as Christian
(Ok, so he's not an actor. He's on YouTube. But this is my dream cast, so I can pick anyone, right?)

Brant Daugherty as Tucker 

Cody Christian as Jeffrey 


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