July 28, 2013

Radical Read-along: Day 3 Discussion and Team Wars Challenge

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My thoughts on Chapters 10-13 of Unearthly (spoilers!):

I'm glad that Clara and Wendy made up, but I'm wondering how long Clara can keep her angel life a secret from Wendy. Sooner or later Wendy is going to figure out that something is going on! 

I was so glad that Clara asked Christian to prom. I would never have had the guts to do that myself at that age. I think Christian was a pretty good date, even though he did leave to take Kay home. I don't think he still has romantic feelings for Kay--I think he was just trying to be a nice guy and he felt guilty because he was the reason she was upset. 

I loved the flying scene. My favorite passage: 

"I'm flying", I whisper. I suddenly feel so incredibly light, relieved that I'm not going to die, high on adrenalinee and the pure thrill of feeling the cold air holding me, lifting me. It's the best feeling of my life, bar none. "I'm flying!" 

Of course, I'm not flying so much as coasting over the treetops like a hang glider or a freakishly large flying squirel. I think the birds in the area are dying laughing watching me try not to crash. So I'm not a natural, not some beautiful angelic being winging my way heavenward. But I haven't died yet, which I consider a plus. - page 169

Team Wars Challenge:

Hmmmm...I'm not feeling strongly either way, but I am leaning slightly toward favoring Christian. I think he's genuinely a nice guy, and he treats Clara well. He wasn't trying to blow her off after the prom; he was just trying to be friendly to Kay and make sure she was alright. That doesn't mean he's not interested in Clara. 

Tucker is growing on me, but I am not a fan of the immature way that he flirts. If you like a girl, don't pick on her. It kind of bugs that he calls her Carrot. 

I don't feel like we've really been given a chance to get to know Christian or Tucker well, so maybe my feelings will change later on. 


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