July 29, 2013

Radical Read-along: Day 4 Discussion

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My thoughts on Chapters 14-18 of Unearthly (spoilers!): 

Ok, guys, I'm warming up to Tucker! In these chapters we finally got to know him and to see a different side of him through Clara's eyes. I still like Christian too, so I'm kind of torn as to which team I should be rooting for. I guess as long as Clara is happy, I'll be happy as a reader.

I love the little comments Clara makes about her mom living through Prohibition or the Depression to explain her mom's behavior. It always makes me smile.

I'm really curious how this all ends and how all the details will come together as Clara fulfills her purpose with Christian--good thing we only have a few chapters left! 

Favorite quotes: 

He makes me feel normal, not in a plain Jane, nondescript way, but like I'm enough, just being me, without all the angel stuff. I almost start to cry thinking I'm going to lose that. - page 216

"What are you doing with Tucker Avery?"
"Fishing." We've spent the afternoon turning in slow circles on the lake, kissing, splashing each other, eating grapes and pretzels and turkey sandwiches, kissing some more, snuggling, tickling, laughing, oh yeah, some kissing, but in there somewhere was definitely fishing. I distinctly remember a fishing pole in my hands at some point during the day." - page 224


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