August 11, 2013

A Summer of Sundays by Lindsay Eland

I received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

Description: When you're the third of six kids, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle, but Sunday Fowler is determined that this summer she'll find the one thing that makes her stand out from her siblings. 

And when she discovers a silver box in the basement of the library her parents are renovating, she might just have found something to gain her the attention she so craves. Inside is a series of letters addressed to "The Librarian" and a manuscript. But who wrote them? With the help of annoying neighbor-turned-new-friend Jude, Sunday is determined to track down the author. And when she unveils this novel to the world, she'll be famous!

But uncovering this manuscript means stirring up secrets that some people in the town hoped to keep buried. And Sunday must decide if some things -- loyalty, trust, friendship -- are worth more than her name in the headlines. 

My Review: This was a fun read that I can see middle grade readers really enjoying. I think anyone with siblings can relate to Sunday's feeling of being overlooked. While the family dynamics were a big part of the story, the mystery added another interesting element to it. I loved the idea of finding a hidden manuscript in the basement of the library--how exciting! It was pretty easy to solve the mystery myself before the characters finally figured it out, though. 

Sunday is faced with an ethical dilemma once she realizes what will happen once she reveals the secrets she's discovered. Readers will find themselves wondering how they would react in that situation. 

A Summer of Sundays will appeal to young readers looking for a light mystery with a charming small town setting and a relatable main character. 


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