August 13, 2013

Radical Readalong: Hallowed Day 5 Discussion


We've finally made it to the last section! As soon as I saw the Chapter 17 title ("The Part Where I Kiss You"), I thought "Uh, comes trouble." I mean, I've always liked Christian and even preferred him over Tucker in the last book, but now things are much more complicated and I feel conflicted about Clara kissing him.

All the stuff with her mom made me tear up.

"Mom, are you ever going to tell me about your purpose?"
She pulls back, looks at me thoughtfully. "My purpose is you." - page 239

Speaking of purpose...apparently it was Jeffrey's purpose to start the fire. And now we finally know what he's been hiding all this time. 

The last chapter was so emotional--her last kiss with Tucker and then her dad taking her to where she can see her mom. Ahh! So many feelings. 

I think I'm going to have to pick up Boundless at the library today and maybe buy the short story Radiant for my Kindle too!


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