August 10, 2013

Radical Readalong: Hallowed Discussion Day 2

**Warning: Spoilers up to Chapter 8**

“Three a.m. No possibility of sleep. I’ve been thrashing in my blankets all night, unable to quiet all the crazy thoughts bouncing around in my head. My mother being friends with a fallen angel. College plans. Christian. Purposes that last a hundred years. A flood that kills all the angel-bloods on earth. Angela wanting me to go to Stanford with her. Tucker staying here, always and forever. Ms. Baxter all hopeful and sweet and completely annoying. And somebody dying, let’s not forget. Somebody. And I still have no clue who.” - page 59

There’s got to be a lot more to the story of how Clara’s mom knows Samjeeza...I wonder how long we’ll have to wait to find out all the details?

“So that’s why you keep telling me to relax about the college thing. I don’t have to pick a single career. When you’re going to live hundreds of years, you have time to be everything that interests you.” - page 61

My nerdy self is jealous of the fact that angel bloods can go to school multiple times and try out different careers. I remember how stressed I was about picking a college major and career path! 

Clara is discovering more details each time she has the cemetery dream. Now she thinks it’s Tucker that will die, and it will happen in the spring. Nooooooo! Let’s hope she’s wrong.

I wonder who started the fire that almost killed Tucker? 

I’m glad Midas turned up, finally! What a sweet moment. 

The whole part with the congregation was interesting. I wonder why Christian never told the other members of the angel club about it? And now we've found out that he can sometimes hear people’s thoughts and also send thoughts back to them. Weird!


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