November 15, 2013

Pun with Books (2) - If Hooks Could Kill

Image credit: Abhi Sharma
I love a good pun, and I come across a lot of cleverly-titled books in the library. Just for fun, I thought I'd start highlighting some of the best titles with puns and wordplay on Fridays. 

This week's pick is If Hooks Could Kill by Betty Hechtman. It is #7 in the Crochet Mysteries series, which features other fun titles like A Stitch in Time, You Better Knot Die, and Behind the Seams.

I'm not a very crafty person despite having a grandma who crochets and a mom who hooks rugs, but this clever title caught my attention. It turns out a main character is a bookstore event coordinator, which actually sounds right up my alley.

Heard any good book title puns lately? Share them in the comments!


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