April 7, 2014

What I've Been Up to Lately!

You may have noticed less frequent posts on here lately. Life has been pretty hectic, so I thought I'd share a general update on some of the exciting things that are going on (complete with blurry iPhone pics). 

If you follow me on social media, you already know this, but for those of you who don't: We're expecting a baby bookworm this August! It's our first child, so we are incredibly excited but also a little overwhelmed with all the preparations that need to be done before the baby arrives. Of course, you know I've already started building the baby's library. I mean, priorities, right? 

I mentioned previously that I joined my state's high school book award committee after being on the wait list a few years. We recently received our committee reading assignments to complete by October, and I have a list of 24 YA books to read. I'm actually setting a goal for myself to finish all the books by August so that I'm done before the baby arrives. I think this is an achievable goal considering my reading pace, and I'm really looking forward to all the great books I'll get to read! Because the committee is a priority, reviews written specifically for this blog will have to slow down, but I'll still be reviewing books over at Book Soulmates. Here's my bookish notebook I'll be using to take notes on committee reading (I made it a few years ago during one of my youth services classes in grad school but never found a use for it until now):

I've been able to do some fun stuff lately, too. Recently my husband and I went to a Lorde concert in Detroit. It was awesome, as expected. Her album is one of the few we can both agree on when we're in the car, and it was really fun to go on a little road trip to see her live. We sat in the back since I'm pregnant and wanted to be far away from the speakers and have the option of sitting down...plus we're old and didn't want to stand in line outside for hours in the bitter cold. ;) 

Another fun things I did lately was go to a book signing at Kids Ink with Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan! I've met David before, but this was my first time meeting Rainbow. There were so many people trying to squeeze into this tiny bookstore that they had to move us into the parking lot behind the store. It was PLA week in Indy, so there were a LOT of librarians there. I overheard a teen whisper to her mom, "Why are there so many ADULTS here?" which made me smile. Rainbow and David were charming and entertaining, and I loved every bit of their readings and Q and A session. They didn't put a limit on how many books could be signed and spent time speaking to each person individually. What an awesome night. This fangirl left with a happy heart. 

Work has been busy but in a good way. I'm still staffing the reference desk and computer lab, teaching computer classes, and updating our social media sites, but I've recently has some added responsibilities of ordering all the nonfiction books as well as weeding the entire nonfiction collection. I love doing collection development and maintenance so I was excited to take this on. I'm also working on updating the social media policy and facilitating ESL classes using our language learning database. We recently added some iMac media editing stations too, and we're teaching patrons how to use them. They can scan photos/slides/negatives, convert VHS to DVD, edit videos with iMovie, and make music with GarageBand. So cool!

So those are a few of the things I've been up to lately. I just wanted to share an update since I feel like like I've been neglecting the blog lately. I'll try to be better about posting on here even if it's not reviews. Have a great week everyone and let me know what's new in your world! 


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