July 29, 2014

Baby Got BOOKS

I like kids books and I cannot lie...baby got BOOKS!

Thanks to our generous friends and family, our baby bookworm already has his own home library waiting for him! For the time being I repurposed one of my shelves in the living room to store all the books, but I'd like to find a tall and narrow shelf to fit in the nursery (and maybe even add some IKEA spice rack shelves to the walls too). The boxes are holding the teeny tiny books plus some books that came with hand puppets -- I don't want my dog chewing them up before the baby even arrives! 

On a semi-related note, my friend recently took some maternity pictures, and you know I had to incorporate a book into the photo shoot somehow:
Photo by Kristen Johnston
Leave a comment and let me know how you organize your kids' books, OR tell me what their favorite books are! 


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