August 4, 2014

Scribd Reads (2)

Scribd is a monthly eBook subscription service. For someone who reads as much as I do, it's a great value and a nice supplement to my library checkouts. If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, feel free to use my referral link to get an extra month added on to your free trial period! 

Here's what I read on Scribd in July: 
Blood Red Road by Moira Young
This was a highly entertaining story! At first the dialect and the lack of quotation marks threw me off, but soon I was sucked into the story and used to the writing style. I will definitely be continuing with this series!

Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches' Guide to Romance Novels 
by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan
As a librarian, I've been trying to expand my reading horizons over the past several years and have been trying out genres outside of my normal comfort zone. Since I can't read ALL THE BOOKS (unfortunately), I also like to read genre guides and familiarize myself with the popular authors and appeal factors of those genres. This book was informative but also incredibly funny! If you read the Smart Bitches Trashy Books website or listen to the DBSA podcast, I'm sure you'll enjoy this book.

I Can't Keep My Own Secrets: Six-Word Memoirs by Teens Famous and Obscure 
edited by Smith Magazine
I'm a fan of the six-word memoirs series, but I hadn't read this one yet. It's a quick read and I read it in one sitting over a lunch break at work. Six-word memoirs are a fun thing to do for a passive program at the library. Provide some examples and leave some post-it notes out for teens to write their own six-word memoirs on and share with one another!

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, vol. 2 by HitRecord, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and wirrow
This was another quick lunch break read for me. I already own it in print but saw it on the app and wanted to do a re-read. I love the stories and artwork. It was fun to revisit this favorite! 

Upcoming Reads: 
Rebel Heart by Moira Young (Dustlands #2)
I'm looking forward to continuing this addicting series.  

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
I know, I have I never read this?! I've never seen the movie either. I figure I'll give the book a try first. My fellow readers seem to love it or hate it, so we'll see where I fall. 


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