June 5, 2015

Happy Summer Reading!

It's been a while since I updated - I've been keeping busy with my new blog (Overdue Organizing), the library's summer reading program, and reading my assigned books for my state's high school book award committee. And, of course, being a mom to a NINE month old. I can't believe how big my sweet boy is getting!

Are you participating in your library's summer reading program? I love that my library has a program for all ages - children's, teen, AND adults. So fun! I'm a department of one working in Teen Services and PR, so it was a bit crazy trying to get everything ready this spring. But I pulled it off! Here's a sneak peek into Summer Reading at my library.

Getting festive! We use the collaborative summer library theme & this year it's all about heroes.

I'm keeping all the incentive prizes on a cart so that I can roll it over to the children's department or adult department when I leave work for the day. That way teens can still pick up prizes even when I'm not there during evenings or weekends. I have prizes for them when they sign up & after they read 5 books and 10 books. Sign up prizes are bookmarks, candy, and coupons for local businesses (free Chipotle burrito, free Jazzercise class, or $1 off frozen yogurt). At 5 books, they can choose a free book and either a Sharpie, a cord wrap, or a superhero rubber duck. At 10 books, they get a book bag, a $5 gift card to a local business, and a coupon for a free cupcake or cookie. I went to the middle school and high school and did surveys at lunch to find out where they like to shop, which helped me pick out the gift cards! (Paid for by our library's Friends group.)

 For every book teens read (print, audio, eBook, graphic novel, etc) OR program they attend, they get to fill out a drawing slip for the end-of-summer drawing prizes. Here's what they can win! There are a few who are just dying to get the Doctor Who prizes and who have vowed to read more than 100 books this summer to have more chances to win. :)

For teen programming, I'm planning to show a superhero themed movie each week and do a craft each month - comic strip mad libs, comic book magnets, and paint chip city skyline art. I also have special programs planned like a Guitar Hero tournament, Heroes Jeopardy, a local author visit (to discuss writing fantasy fiction), and a demonstration and tasting from Sub Zero Ice Cream.

I'll have passive programming going on in the teen room all summer as well. Here's our "photo booth" for Superhero Selfies. I'm having them tag us on Instagram for an extra drawing prize entry.

And here's our "What's Your Superhero Name?" display. This has been fun for families as the parents and younger kids get into it as well!

What are you planning to read this summer? 
Will you be logging your books for your library's summer reading program?


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